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About Me

I am a travel and landscape photographer and freelance writer based in St. Louis. My photos have been featured in a number of solo exhibitions and I have written extensively for photo education publications such as Photzy, PetaPixel and Expert Photography. 

 I’m an orchestral musician and music educator by profession and I found that the artistic thinking and the technical approach to art that I had developed as a musician transferred to the medium of photography.

 I love to travel, but even when I’m at home in St. Louis, I try to keep the same sense of adventure – looking for novelty in the everyday; finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. I scour the city and surrounding areas, looking for texture and life in architecture and landscapes. Everyone has a history and every place is central to a story. 

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New Collection....

Impression Plants

Wispy plants move in the breeze creating impressionistic wall art. Collection of 13 images. Individual designs may be toned for color schemes.
Impression Plant 7 Blue
from $24.99
Impression Plants 1
from $24.99
Impression Plants 4 Mauve
from $24.99

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